Popping has been a popular fishing practice around the Island but mainly along the reef targeting the famous giant trivially. Since last year we have adapted this technique for the yellow fin tuna living around the artificial FADS and have had amazing success.

The action of a popper on the surface while drifting without the engine noise will help to raise the tuna to the surface and encourage the strike.

Popping Mauritius

Popping fishing Mauritius

The strike of a wild yellow fin tuna on the surface is one the most exciting fishing experience and the fight on a proper spinning rod makes it more incredible.

Yellow fin tuna ranging from 5 to 35 pounds are abundant all year round but during the months of February, March and April the yellow fin tuna migrating along the west coast of Mauritius will reach up to 215 pounds.

Recommended boat for this fishing trip will be the 26 feet open center console Gamefisher 1 and the best is time either at sunrise from 5h00 till 9h00 or from or sunset from 15h00 till 19h00.

Experienced anglers are free to bring their own rods and reels, but make sure you have a strong one!

Beginners will benefit from the skills of the highly qualified skippers to get a quick introduction to this new fishing technique. But one thing you can be sure is that once you can pop you cannot stop!


• Shimano Stella 8000 with 80 pounds braided line mounted on a Tenryu Spike popping rod

• Daiwa Saltiga Z6000 with 80 pounds braided line mounted on a Daiwa Saltiga S extreme 80TN popping rod

Popping Fishing in Mauritius

Fishing in Mauritius- Jp Henry Charter

Fishing in Mauritius - Popping